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  • Pool Town Bible Christian chapel

    Thank you for clearing up this mystery. We often find that names change, often when different organisations are describing a location.

    By Philip Thornborow (23/07/2024)
  • Pool Town Bible Christian chapel

    The present day village of Luxborough in Somerset consists of three hamlets, Churchtown, Kingsbridge and Pool Town. In the early 1800s the largest of the three was Pool Town but since then has much reduced in size.
    The 1867 listing of a Bible Christian chapel at Pool Town is the same one later given as Luxborough in the 1940 listings.
    The chapel appears on the 1888 OS map and the 1904 OS map as a Bible Christian chapel. This is at modern grid reference SS 984 377. It was situated close to the Royal Oak public house which was on the old maps and which still exists today at postcode TA23 0SH.
    I have no date for the building of the chapel. It was later converted to a dwelling but according to recent reports has now been demolished.

    By Martin Reeves (23/07/2024)
  • Staveley Lowgates United Methodist Free Church

    Tony Smith has been in touch with the editors to tell us that there is a photograph of this building on the Staveley In Pictures Past and Present Facebook page. If you are interested in Staveley this would be a good group to join.

    By Philip Thornborow (19/07/2024)
  • Leeds Holbeck Prospect United Methodist Free Church 1880

    The Listed Building entry on the Historic England site has now been updated to show Thomas Ambler as the architect.

    By John Whitaker (15/07/2024)